G1 Survey Research Services

Full CATI Surveys

Our CATI system allows you to conduct your scientific surveys with all the advanced logic, piping, and quotas you need for the most complex instruments. We pride ourselves on being able to give you all the capabilities you need, and then complete the project on time and on spec.

Hybrid Surveys

Hybrids aren't just for vehicles. Save time and money on your more simple, shorter surveys by conducting all the landline research using automated dialing technology while still doing live calls to cell phones. This is a great half-step for projects that want scientific quality but there isn't the budget to do all live calls.

Automated Surveys

With the prevalence of cell phones these are usually used as a companion tool for live calls. However, with the rise of predictive analytics they are quickly becoming a great way to get, or supplement, the thousands of responses necessary to build a model at the lowest cost possible.

GOTV and Advocacy

If you aren't looking to do fully scientific research, but you need someone to make calls for any other reason, we can still help! We provide calling services to get out the vote, persuade an audience, or run transfer calls so you can make sure decision makers hear directly from voters who share your views.